There are several myths about alcoholism but beer is often excluded from it. Just like wine, beer contains alcohol but in very less volume. Beer addiction is as harmful as any other addiction.

Signs for Beer Addiction

Here Are Some Of The Signs That Can Be Observed For Beer Addiction:

  • If you drink more than planned. For example, if you have thought of drinking one bottle but you drink 4-5. This can be a sign of addiction
  • When people talk to you about your beer-drinking habit and you get irritated. This can be an alarming bell.
  • When your beer satisfaction level has increased. It takes more bottles to feel satisfied.
  • When you feel very different as a person after drinking.
  • When you want to quit it but your body or will do allow that. Loss of control over your drinking habit is the biggest sign.

It is as devastating as any other alcoholic drinks. Therefore, you might be thinking of how to quit drinking beer.

How Much Beer Is Too Much?

For men, the beer consumption should not be more than 14 beers in a week. For women, it should not be 7 bottles a week. High consumption results in negative health complications. It also induces alcohol use disorders.

Beer Withdrawal Symptoms

It is a misconception among people that beer consumption is better for alcohol consumption. It is without a doubt true that whiskey and wine have more alcohol content. But this cannot validate that beer consumption is good. Beer addicts also have withdrawal symptoms just like alcoholism.

  • If you have a bottle every day, the withdrawal symptom will be comparatively less than if you consume 4-5 bottles daily
  • If you consume 3 bottles a week, the withdrawal symptoms will be lesser than daily consumers.
  • If you have been drinking a case every week for 20 years, withdrawal symptoms will be very severe.
  • Gender, genetics, race can also have different impacts on an individual for beer consumption.

Withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Ways to Curb Beer Addiction

Are you thinking about how to quit drinking beer? Consult a doctor during the severe condition. It will be better if you go to a doctor even if the condition is not worse.

  • Prepare a list of reasons why you wish to leave beer consumption. These can be to feel healthier, better sleep, mending relationships, etc
  • Put a limit on the number of bottles that you are allowed to drink. Try not to go beyond that. Ask your doctor for the right amount in the beginning
  • Maintain a dairy for your drinks. Keep a track on your habit and compare it with your limit.
  • Add soda, water or juice in your drink to cut down the net consumption.
  • Avoid keeping the beer at home.
  • Sip your drink very slowly
  • Stay away from a group of people who have similar drinking habits. They would rather motivate you to drink more.
Final Words

Do you wish to control your beer intake? Perhaps it is a better option to control the drinking habit.

It is always the best and safest way to see a doctor. Ask for support, keep yourself busy and be persistent with your goals. When you have cut down your drinking habit, try to maintain it. People often leave their habits to get back to it some other day. You do not want to be the same, isn’t it? If beer addiction is difficult to be controlled, consult a doctor. They better know how to quit drinking beer.